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On-Campus & Off-Campus Student Housing in Guelph

The city of Guelph is a vibrant community of over 120000 people situated in the heart of southern Ontario, just 100 km west of Toronto, Ontario Canada.It’s a fantastic area to live as a student! Surrounded by the rolling hills of southwestern Ontario, Guelph is an hour’s drive from Toronto and even closer to Hamilton and Kitchener-Waterloo. Guelph is a wonderful place to live as a student!  The good news is that Guelph offers affordable options for student housing allowing you to take advantage of everything the city has to offer.

Living in Guelph means there are so many things to discover. When they’re not studying, working or relaxing at their rooms for rent, students studying in Guelph enjoy seeing and doing the best that the city has to offer. The cycling in Guelph is top notch – you can cycle anywhere in the city with lots of bike trails and lanes for a great commute. If you don’t feel like cycling, Guelph also provides a convenient public transit system for college and university students to explore ins and outs of the city and return easily back to student housing. 

Things to Do in Guelph

The city is characterized by many 19th-century limestone buildings including City Hall and the dramatic Church of Our Lady which dominates the city skyline. Specialty and craft shops, coffee houses, nightclubs, restaurants featuring flavours of the world, and a nationally known bookstore housing a repertory cinema, café and bistro are all within walking or biking distance from the university. Less than a 15-minute walk away from the University, Stone Road Mall and the South City Centre provide a great selection of shopping opportunities, restaurants and movie theatres.

For Student Rentals, Look No Further!

When it comes to student housing, Guelph offers plenty of options such as open concept suites and student apartments. No matter what you’re looking for  you’re bound to find it in Guelph, and Student Housing Canada can simplify your search! Students studying in Guelph love the convenience of browsing listings from our easy-to-use site, where everything is in one place.

Student Housing Canada can help you find rooms for rent and student apartments that are affordable yet comfortable and convenient. Quickly and easily find the many amazing alternatives to off campus housing Guelph has to offer. Start your search now!


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601 Scottsdale Drive , Guelph, ON

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