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The Town of Whitby is a lakefront community that is home to more than 128,000 residents and more than 2,200 businesses. Whitby is the second largest municipality in the Regional Municipality of Durham and located in the heart of the region. The Town is committed to building a pedestrian-focused, cycling-oriented and age-friendly community, the revitalization of its two historic downtowns and maximizing its wonderful green spaces. The Town is committed to grow as a smart, urban community where talent and businesses can flourish. Plus, when it comes to student housing, Whitby has a diverse range of affordable student accomodations, making it simple to choose a place to call home.

Students will have no shortage of things to do when leaving their student rental to explore Whitby. Living in student housing in Whitby is a popular choice for students because it allows them to experience a the great unique feel of a small town with close proximity to bigger cities. Recreational activities, an awesome downtown, and fantastic rooms for rent are all available. Whitby being a smaller town makes it easy and convenient to explore the city and return home to your student apartment in a flash!

Things to Do in Whitby

There are so many things to do in Whitby! There are various heritage sites to discover such as classic cars, black history, ghost walks, and “track your roots”. There are also a number of entertainment options to choose from including a cinema, axe throwing, and even try your luck at the casino!

You’ll be close to numerous popular sites because of the convenient location of your student residence location.Take in the Town’s vibrant arts and culture scene or learn about our history and heritage. Visit an art gallery, museum or theatre that showcases the talent of local artists and actors. Try one of the historical walking tours or you can visit one of our libraries and explore the books, movies and programs available. Spend time enjoying the outdoors in Whitby. Visit one of the many parks and trails or take up an outdoor activity. Do you enjoy boating or relaxing on the water? Whitby has a marina and boat launch available for the community.

Find Student Accommodation in Whitby

Don’t put off looking for student accommodation in Whitby until the last minute! Whitby offers a variety of options for students. Whitby is an excellent location for finding the ideal student accommodation to compliment your college experience.

With Student Housing Canada, you can quickly and easily uncover some of the best student apartments Whitby has to offer. Simply go through the listings below to find student accommodation that meets your needs while remaining within your budget. Now is the time to start looking for the best student housing in Whitby.

Durham College Residence – Whitby Campus

Suite Style    On Campus
1614 Champlain Ave, Whitby, ON

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